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Artisan Breads



Try something a little different with our specialty flat breads. They add just the right finishing touches to any restaurant or party. Our flat breads will make any size or shape pannini sandwich you can imagine. These breads are definitiely for someone with a creative imagination.


Pan bread is essential for any restaurant, and having several types to choose from can make a big difference. Toast, French Toast, Deli Sandwiches, and Panini are several possibilies when using our pan breads. Ask your Felix Roma driver about more options!

  Item # Unit Measure Serving Size Servings Per Pk Route Days Available
Flat Bread 38 Each 1 Slice 1 All
Giovanni Rolls 89 Doz 1 12 All
Italian Dinner Wheels 47 Each 1 1 All
Texas Toast 996 Each Slice 28 All
Pan Italian 18 Each Slice 12 All
Square Texas Toast 715 Each Slice 28 All
2 lb. Sour 994 Each Slice 28 All