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Classic Kaiser Rolls are a must on almost any menu or at any BBQ. Our Kaiser Rolls have consistently been one of our best products for years, and with the four varieties that we offer, there is certainly one to suit your taste.


Our Soft Kaiser rolls are made in four varieties and all have a nice soft crumb that results when eating it.

  Item # Unit Measure Serving Size Servings Per Pk Route Days Available
Hard Rolls 100 Pack 1 6 All
Mini Hard Rolls 97 Doz 1 12 All
Sesame Hard Rolls 103 Pack 1 6 All
Large Hard Rolls 107 Doz 1 12 All
Soft Kaiser 94 Doz 1 12 All
Seeded Soft Kaiser 98 Doz 1 12 All
Round Rolls 91 Pack 1 8 All
Large Round Rolls 90 Doz 1 12 All